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 What do you get

Access to our 25,000 newsletter population.
Access to our ever increasing daily web traffic.
Activated on our unique agency search engine, separated by job divisions
Randomly placed ads throughout the website
Your own full detail page with links to specific areas in your website
Your own unique map directing people to your door.
We want you to have our traffic.

please read on we have much more to offer...

 People find us in Google search

Proof, last month, the search for Job Predictor in google produced this.


 Random Agency Placement

On the search page, details of an agency are randomly displayed at the bottom of the page, form here a user can navigate directly to your home page, a specific area in your web site, your jobs page and your contact details including your map to direct future jobseekers straight to your door !


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 How you are found


When the search criteria is entered into the search page, including region a more specific location (ie a town or familiar place name) and the search division, ie. computers, sales, vet, construction, project management, nursing, teaching, then the results page listing agencies that match the search will be displayed. This includes your company logo, phone number and links to the detail page and links directly to your job page, web site or contact details.


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 The final page


Okay now is the time to tell your audience about your self about your agency, who you are, what you specialise in and then show useful links to get them to your site, your jobs page, your contact details and/or your front door with the detailed overview map with zoom in/out facilities.

All the links on your page are entered and managed by you, you can change your company logo, you can define the areas where you have work, you can modify the divisions that you sell into, and also fine tune the map to direct people to your front door.

By entering many links onto this page allows the user to navigate to your site, and straight to the information they require.

  • Home Page
  • Contact details
  • Jobs Page
  • E-mail you directly

So we have the quality traffic that we want to push it towards your business, your jobs and most importantly YOU !! 

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 The costs

Subscribe for 12 months and present your details to the world today. Subscribe via Paypal, the most secure payment method on the internet and you can enjoy success working with Jobpredictor.

With the rise of international jobseekers and companies looking for quality staff, you are only a few clicks away.

The costs are for 12 months

5 Live job placements for just 149

20 Live job placements for just 400

40 Live job placements for just 700

80 Live job placements for just 1200

150 Live job placements for just 1700

250 Live job placements for just 3000


We can also configure your page, your map, your links and any jobs that you want to make live for an additional 199 + Vat (upto 30 jobs)

 Register now
  Hopefully now you have the facts and benefits on registering with us, so please contact us if you require any further information orclick on the link to register.


If you prefer an invoice then please click on the link below and email us your requirements and contact name and number so we can contact you directly.



We at JobPredictor are looking forward working with you are directing quality traffic and persons straight to you.

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