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Date added : 14/02/2014

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Date Added : 08/11/2013

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Date added : 16/08/2013

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Date Added : 02/08/2013

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Date added : 02/07/2013

Diane, first of all, breathe sllowy. If you are 60 I can almost guarantee that nothing will threaten your precious OAS. I'll try to reply to your points in jot form since you plainly skipped over much of my article (seeing as how you didn't address any of my major objections, instead choosing only to personally attack me).1) I am not a 40 something.2) I went to school for two degrees in order to get a well-paying job, how is this held against me?3) My pension is not given to me. It is my money that has been matched by my employer (like most people have the option for) and then invested on my behalf (often without optimal results).4) I am definitely not personally hard done by. I am just not lucky enough to be in the most fortunate demographic group in the history of planet Earth.5) You consistently complain about your income, but why is that my fault, and when did it become my responsibility to fix that on your behalf?I expected better from an elder statesmen who should be looking  

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